There’s nothing quite like a refreshing, crisp gin and tonic with a twist of your favourite garnish – and the craft gin market is experiencing a current boom.

Here at Bancon Homes, we are excited to unveil our very own limited edition, bespoke gin. Bottles will be given to our buyers as a moving in gift – but we are giving you the chance to win the very first bottle!

The bottle will be numbered with the sought-after number one and personally signed by Simon Fairclough, managing director of Glenshee Craft Distillers in Perthshire, who we commissioned to develop an exclusive gin recipe.

The Bancon Gin is a classic London Dry gin with a blend of botanicals including cassia, cinnamon, Macedonian juniper berries and cardamom to give a fresh flavour with top notes of warming spice.

A total of just 300 50cl bottles have been produced for buyers who move into a Bancon Homes property across the North-east.

The idea for a unique Bancon Gin was sparked after Bancon Homes sponsored the gin tent at this year’s Banchory Beer Festival, which was organised by local brothers Guy and Mungo Finlayson.

“The Bancon Gin came about from the great relationship we have with Banchory Beer Festival with Mungo and Guy Finlayson,” explains Simon. “We were talking about the possibility of doing a gin for the festival and they introduced me to Bancon Homes.

“I wanted to create more of a juniper-forward gin than the three Persie gins we distil here at the Persie Distillery near Blairgowrie, with the simplicity of a classic gin but with a little more complexity. Something that would please more people and more of a recognisable gin but something with a bit of a twist. That’s why we’ve got this spicy, round mouth feel with a touch of sweetness on the finish.”

The Bancon Gin has been handmade using the London dry style process, which sees the spirit that comes off the still being diluted in water before being bottled.

Simon tells us: “There’s warm spice in there – real definite hints of cassia and cinnamon – that gives it a warmth. The fresh brightness is the lovely Macedonian juniper berries, and there’s a touch of carefully prepared cardamom. The end result is a gin which is minty fresh with top notes of spice to round it out nicely. It has plenty of juniper and is soft and warming on the palate, with a hint of ice cream right on the finish.”

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