The gift that keeps on giving past Christmas

The gift that keeps on giving past Christmas

When it comes to shopping for Christmas presents, the first thing most of us do is set a budget, even if we do end up going over it.

However, if you were to think of the most extravagant Christmas gift money could buy, what would you imagine?

Would it be a £450,000 diamond octopus bangle that lights up when you flick a switch on its leg? Or would you spend £8,880 on a cocktail at Gigi’s in London that has edible gold leaf sprinkled on the top?

What gift would you choose to show your partner how much you love them? Taking inspiration from celebrities, you could buy a $500,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom like David Beckham did for Victoria.

Mike Tyson spent $2m on a golden bath for his partner at the time. Or, if you would really like to push the boat out, take to the shops like Angelina Jolie who bought a waterfall in California for Brad Pitt. The only thing we’d like to know is which shop sells waterfalls!

For some, creating an exclusive Christmas doesn’t stop at giving presents. One family in the UK is said to have spent £250,000 on Christmas decorations alone.

Some like to design their own baubles each year or wrap each present in a personalised gift box covered in Swarovski crystals, costing a minimum of £1,000.

How about Christmas crackers with bespoke jokes from your favourite comedian?

But with all these lavish gifts, there’s something missing. These presents are only enjoyed at Christmas.

Some have chosen to buy a new home for Christmas. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

From the first time you put your keys in the door, a home will carry all of the memories you create for years to come.

This is a present you can share with your family and friends, celebrating to Christmas songs in a contemporary entertainment space.

Finally, rather than storing your gift in a cupboard, this gift would be appreciating over the years you enjoy living there.

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