Each year, we see various trends go in and out of fashion, not only with clothing and accessories but with interiors too.

Much like the bold and daring fashion choices that have crept their way back from the 90s in our closets, 2019 interior décor is all about those bold prints to really spice up your home – but don’t worry, they’re much more sophisticated than the wallpapers we had 20 years ago.

With spring just around the corner and everyone preparing to declutter their homes and make some changes, we’ve spoken to Karen Wootton from The Design Room in Aberdeen for her top tips and tricks to add a touch of sophistication to your 2019 style.

Karen recently designed the interiors of Bancon Homes’ newest show homes at its Kinion Place development in Aberdeen, where the latest colour trends, Instagramable accessories and fashionable wallpaper can be seen.

 The theme forecast

The hottest décor themes of each season are always a must read in every glossy magazine. This year there’s a few options to suit either each individual’s personality or simply to suit the atmosphere of each room.

Looking for a bit of drama? Karen suggests teals and ochre to really add depth and mood to a room. The Rosehill style show home at Kinion Place shows how different shades of teal build a classic contemporary style, while layering and varying tones create a classic and collective vibe, meaning you have the best of both worlds in terms of traditional and modern.

Adding accents such as ochre or burnt orange helps to contrast against the teal, highlighting its vibrancy and adding to the feel of your room.

Prefer the bright and airy look? Although shades of grey will never go out of fashion, blush pink and mint combined with these light greys are much more on trend this year, creating soft and subtle looks. Despite being more feminine, Karen suggests that using these colours together can provide a calm and restful environment, as seen in the three-bedroom Argyll show home.

When adding the right amount of delicate shimmer – the odd bit of sparkle here and there! – this classic bright palette will add a real elegance to any family home.

 Playing with texture

So now we’ve established the colours of 2019, its vital to build on these palettes with the right amount of texture and layers.

Texture adds a bit of fun to each room and really allows you to show off your personality and style. Deep velvet sofas and curtains will add warmth and luxury to any home. In a world where we’ve all latched on to Scandinavian trends of minimalistic furniture – still a classic we all love – a bit of velvet can really warm up a room to create a more relaxed ambiance.

Want something more daring? Karen says that mixing textures will always add an eclectic look to any room. If style is something important to your vision, using textures which compliment each other is much more on trend than having everything match.

Finally, accessories. They’re the final finishing touch in any outfit to help dress up your clothes depending on your look, and it’s exactly the same for your home.

Home accessories are very important for dressing out a room whether its glamour, sophistication or a casual bohemian chic vibe. It’s not always about artwork and sculptures, think plants for that touch of nature, decorative candles and throws to layer over that plush sofa of yours.

 Bring on the bold

The 21st-century saw many homes say goodbye to wallpaper and hello to every shade of paint imaginable. Feature walls were created using block contrasting paint and there wasn’t a bold pattern in sight, which meant it was increasingly difficult to find artwork to fill our blank walls – both timely and costly.

In 2019 we’re broadening the scope and embracing the efficiency of wallpaper. With decorative prints spanning all round your room, your instantly impacted with homely comfort and mesmerised by intricate details and textures.

This spring it’s all about textured papers, which give depth to the walls without being too fussy, but still helps to build on that sophisticated finish. In particular, geometric prints have made a huge comeback, which adds to the classic contemporary look we’ve been discussing.