Heather Comrie and Malcom Campbell in their new home at Kinion Place, Aberdeen

Choosing a home is usually one of the biggest decisions we make in life – so what are the benefits of buying a new build house rather than an older property?

Bancon Homes makes use of the very latest innovations when designing our new build houses in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire – from HIVE heating control systems and superfast broadband to energy saving bulbs and USB ports for charging mobile phones.

And Jo Skinner, sales and marketing director at Bancon Homes, believes there are numerous benefits to buying a new build home.


Benefits of buying a new build

“The main benefit of a new build houses is that it’s a one-stop process and you have a fixed price and a fixed entry date, as well as a 10-year warranty with the National House Builders Council (NHBC),” says Jo.

“New builds are designed to suit modern living. The trend was previously for separate kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, but nowadays buyers usually prefer a large, open plan space in which to cook, eat and socialise.

“Every house will have a shower as standard and most of our homes have at least one en-suite, which is another must-have for today’s buyers.”


No maintenance worries

Bancon Homes’ houses have a contemporary look from the outside as well as inside, using low maintenance products – a major plus when buying a new build house. Buyers can simply move straight in and unpack, then get on with living in their new home.

Buyers who did just that and are now enjoying their new build home in Aberdeen are Heather Comrie and Malcolm Campbell, who recently moved into a three-bed detached house at Bancon Homes’ Kinion Place development.


New build house in Aberdeen

Malcolm says: “We wanted a new build house as everything is hassle free and ready to move straight in to. It’s great being able to sit and enjoy the home as it stands without having to worry about what room to decorate first.

“I cannot express how much I would advise anyone to buy a new build property. In addition to the move being so quick and easy thanks to the staff at Bancon Homes, the features and finish are second to none.”

Clerical receptionist Heather loves the open plan kitchen and living room, which allows for more quality time together after the working day.

She adds: “It really is our favourite part of our home, where we can relax and unwind. We are so happy with our new Bancon home, it has made our dreams become a reality.”

For more information on the benefits of buying a new build house and to explore our current homes to buy in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, visit www.banconhomes.com